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A Season of Transformation

Are You Ready To Be Authentic SuperWoman?

  • To breakTHRU to new levels of success in relationships, money and career
  • To stop generating income at the expense of your family and health
  • To attract what you need instead of chasing it
  • To command your worth and increase your earning potential
  • To frame your world based on all that you love
  • To live YOUR life on YOUR TERMS (after all…it IS your life!)
  • To step into new opportunities that excite and fulfill you
  • To break the cycle of lack that will restrict upcoming generations
  • To get from UNDER the circumstance

I guide The SuperWoman thru her season of transformation to her time of breakTHRU. You say you want change…that you want more and YOU CAN have it! You can have it after your transformation.  Are you avoiding your transformation SuperWoman? If you’ve experienced any of these bullet points listed below you ARE!

Are you :

  • Stressed, fearful or worried about the current state(or future) of your money or your marriage?
  • Frustrated by your failed attempts to improve areas in your life that you think will cause you to do/be more ?
  • Limited in your resources to advance your career or business?
  • Doing what you love in life?
  • Earning at your peak potential?
  • Dictating your outcomes or are you a victim of your circumstance?
  • Overwhelmed by the responsibility and commitment of being a good mommy?
  • Often on the ‘verge’ of a breakTHRU but never quite get there?

 These are all symptoms of a SuperWoman that’s in her own way

Although these all require ‘action’, taking action isn’t your problem; your mindset…your decision making process is.

How you think affects how you feel. How you feel determines which path you’ll take and if you’ll stay your course.When you’re a SuperWoman, achieving and accomplishing is simply ‘what you do’ so again…activity isn’t your problem. You’re willing to do WHAT has to be done buuuuuuut…it’s the How–>WHEN–>Who–>Where and the WHY that become your stumbling blocks. Stumbling blocks not only block you…they also delay your transformation.

Common Stumbling Blocks

~High Income Earning And Under-Earning

Perhaps you’ve plateaued at your current income level,11988408_936872623051738_8432806387147069516_n low five figures or high six figures (honestly your income level doesn’t matter)..either level it’s obvious that you can make money. Again, money isn’t your problem but as long as you think it will be. How you relate to money determines how much or little of it you can and will make. Change your relationship with money and you’ll change your earning power. When money controls your thoughts and emotions you are not financially free. Financial freedom has less to do with a number than it does your mindset. I have served many high income earners that complain about ‘not enough’ as much if not more than those of lower incomes. Those that aren’t complaining are frustrated with their current money level and want more…they are willing to do more to get it but can’t seem to tap into ‘the more’……

~Being A Mommy Becomes Too Much

babies 4 (2)Finding that balance between being a mom and having a career creates MAJOR guilt and internal conflict. As a leader…you not only have to handle the affairs of your life, but also the life of your child(ren) and alllllllllll the turbulence that comes along with their decisions…you know…the decisions they make that makes you bat your lashes while practicing the patience of Job to not pull your hair out or send them back to their alien leaders LLLLLOL…(just kidding. the aliens don’t want to deal with it either) You love both options or you’re forced to do one or the other (you have to work but you’d rather be home with them) either way…the struggle continues……

I could go on and on with examples of stumbling blocks that cause the frustrations of building your business, reinventing yourself, remaining competitive in the workplace/marketplace. I darrrrrrrre not even touch on the topic of that man who just doesn’t GET IT!sw post pics I could, but I won’t…I’m sure you get the point. Either you’re here or you’ve been here! I’ve certainly been there—> a little about my journey

It’s not hard to get the results you want, but without a  proper mindset you’ll always work long and hard for them 

Being authentic when it comes your lifestyle is about living not surviving. Living fulfilled..not living in struggle. The struggle that I’m speaking of is not limited to finance. It’s quite possible to have a truckload of money yet struggle. Perhaps the time you had to spend away from your family is the struggle. Maybe even the health problem you’re contending with is the struggle. The point is, to live authentically you’ll have to DO THE WORK. Your freedom from a life of struggle, stressing and surviving has a price SuperWoman. To free yourself of the guilt, frustration and depression of doing the most but still coming up with less you will have to make changes. On this path of change, you will encounter RESISTANCE…choosing the path of LEAST RESISTANCE is the smart play. You’ll need guidance, accountability and a routine to help you to choose the path of least resistance. You’ll also need it to STAY on that path.

It takes a SuperWoman to sharpen a SuperWoman

I can be that iron that sharpens you. I consult with, mentor, coach and advise SuperWomen. I help her to frame her world and live her life on HER terms. I give her the tools to:

  • escape the unfulfilled world she created due to people pleasing
  • increase her network so she can increase her net-worth
  • gain the clarity to make decisions from a position of strength
  • limit her exposure to takers who drain and distract her
  • rebuild her confidence-establish her self-worth and value to compete for relationships, love and money opportunities

I, just like you AM a SuperWoman so I know that as a leader, a decision maker, and an achiever that you need RESULTS and SOLUTIONS. Not fluff and empty promises. You need help…not to be handled.  You need answers and strategies that won’t only get you to the next level, but help you to maintain that level. Without these solutions, you’ll  continue in the chase…..

You can never attract what you chase

This is such a simple but profound statement! Just think about it…IF you are chasing something…the very fact that you’re chasing suggests that IT’S RUNNING FROM YOU. Earlier I said that it’s HIGHLY probable that you are in your own way. This makes you ask, “HOW…how am I in my own way Rae?” I’ll share TWO ways with you SuperWoman. First…you’re doing what you know to do. Doing what you KNOW to do that ISN’T working will produce FRUSTRATION not results. Second…you’re not doing what you SHOULD DO because you don’t know what you need to know so that you CAN do it. There’s more reasons, but I’ll stick with these two. Okaaaaaaaay…I’ll bend. Here’s a Third…your decisions are fear based. Rule of thumb is: fear based decisions bring fear based results.

Join Me and My SuperWoman Friends

I Will Help You When You’re Ready…

Why continue to walk around faking and pretending? When you fake and pretend you forfeit soooo many opportunities that can make your life EXACTLY how you want it to be. It’s very hard for me to see you that way so I know it has to be even harder for you to be living that way. I’d love to help you to achieve breakTHRU in the areas in your life that prevent you from living your best life…a fulfilled life.

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